COVID-19 Message to our patients

Covid message

Dear Patients,

With the escalating pandemic, Cardiology Consultants of Atlanta is very attentive to the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 and has proactively taken steps to safeguard patients and clinical staff. We believe in providing high quality cardiovascular care and services in a safe environment while adapting to our temporary “new normal” regarding social interactions. To ensure the safety of our staff and patients, we practice social distancing to the best of our ability, disinfect our patient care areas after each patient encounter, attempt patient screening and utilize personal protective equipment. We are not only students of prudence but also followers of faith. While not the greatest subscriber to the concept of telephone office visits, we will utilize them when necessary to limit exposure; however, we will not utilize telephone medicine to circumvent the essentials of the physician patient relationship. It is my earnest hope that after we overcome this pandemic we will arise as a nation and individually with a greater sense of unity, love for one another and give true meaning to the statement “In God We Trust”. I look forward to a continued fruitful relationship in medicine with each of you. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time in our country and lives.

Jeffrey Howard, MD





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