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Concierge Medical Weekend Clinic

Georgia is on the verge of a critical shortage of doctors. The surge in demand for physician services has been created by:

  • Retirement of a generation of physicians
  • “baby boomer” generation entering into the healthcare arena
  • Affordable Care Act implementation

As the baby boomers continue to enter the healthcare arena and as the federal healthcare law come into being, Georgia as well as other states are going to experience a critical shortage of competent physicians.
As a generation of physicians prepares to retire, experts say very soon it will be difficult to see a doctor on your timeline. These changes in the healthcare environment will further erode the physician patient relationship and limit access to quality physicians. It is predicted that wait times in crowded physician’s offices will only increase and that quality and overall satisfaction will decrease. Concierge medicine is an emerging care model that is arising from the ashes of a failing national healthcare program which seeks to socialize medical practice. Concierge medicine is not for everyone. Concierge medicine is for the patient, which takes a proactive stance toward his or her own physical health and willing to invest in it. Concierge Medicine restores the physician patient relationship by allowing easy accessibility to clinically competent physicians in a timely and efficient manner. Patients are given more face to face time to get to know their physician, answer questions and understand their overall treatment plan. Cardiology Consultants of Atlanta offers concierge services to at affordable rates. Whether you have an ongoing cardiovascular condition that needs periodic visits or the busy professional that needs a convenient Saturday appoint, we have rates that apply to all comers. Our concierge services do not upcharge services already paid for by your insurance company through our contractual agreement, but add a convenience fee for Saturday appointments and further allotted time with the physician.

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